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Welcome to the Home Page of M.A.R.V. (Milwaukee Area Resources for Vegetarians). 

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Regular Potluck: MARV does not yet have a regular (or irregular) potluck scheduled for March. There may be a potluck in April. Stay tuned. To be on the phone tree for notification, call Jody at 414-764-7262.

bulletMacrobiotic Potluck: Pat informs me that there will not be a macro-biotic potluck in March.

bulletUrban Ecology Center: The Urban Ecology Center’s Friends of Real Food potluck and program is usually on the 2d Wed. of the month, 6-8 PM, at 1500 E. Park Pl. Call them at 414-964-8505 to confirm.
Vegan Meetup: to find out about possible events, check the Vegan Meetup website.


“The headline on Nicholas Kristoff’s Feb. 20 column asks, ‘Is That Sausage Worth This?’ The answer is no. Stop eating meat, stop animal cruelty and make the world a better place.”
-- Michael Gorman, in a letter to the editor of the NY Times

“The only way to opt out of [the industrial-agriculture livestock system] is to go vegetarian.”
Christopher Leonard, author of The Meat Racket, in an NPR interview on Feb. 19




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